Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sometimes I Yearn For Box Stores

Yes, I've been knitting about 2 hours every night to try and get this knitting project finished. I had no idea lace knitting took so long to do. Yuck!! I must try larger needles!!! Anyway, this project is for someone special, so I am only showing a tiny portion of the item. I only have 30 more inches to go.

Alright, Sometimes designers should quit their day jobs. I mean seriously whoever wove this fabric..... Ummm it is non-appealing. This is a cushion for the booth for a table that we bought. Well as you can imagine I couldn't put up with this, so I decided to get rid of this fabric and make a new cushion cover.

I know this isn't a very good picture, it was taken at night. The light in my house is better during the day.
It may look like these cushions were easy to make, but I was longing for a box store that already had cushion covers that were pre-made. It was a pain!!! But, The finished product sure looks professional. I don't mean to brag, but it does look better than what it did before.

Once I figured out how to sew this cover I was on my way. It didn't take that long to sew up. It was just the initial figuring out that took many hours.
Here is the close up of the fabric. It is almost a quilted fabric with textured stitching. I like it  better than the original fabric.

I've only got 2 more cushions, and 4 throw pillows to make. I may make place mats with the leftover fabric, I'll just have to wait and see if I bought enough fabric. This sewing project was a nice change of pace, the lace knitting is going so slow that I was getting bored with it. The break was nice.


Jackie said...

You know you're knitting lace when you say "only" 30 more inches to go. I love lace but it definitely is a long term project for me!

You did a great job recovering everything.

bunnits said...

Wow! You've been a busy bee. Those cushions look great and I know you feel pleased with the results. Carry on!

Good luck on the lace. I like doing lace, but it takes a great deal of my concentration not to skip something and goof up.

Ria said...

Those cushions DEFINITELY look much better1

The lace bit looks great!

bunnits said...

Happy Easter.

jessecreations said...

It looks great! I wish I could sew ... it's on my "things to learn eventually" list. :)

I'm not sure if my reply went to your email or only to my blog, but I definitely recommend the Babe wheels for a beginner. They're sturdy, easy to figure out, and fun to customize. Plenty of new AND experienced spinners use them exclusively and love them, and I am completely smitten with mine so far!! :)


Bluebird49 said...

That look so much nicer! I like that look very much---you're really busy. Hope your trip will go well.