Thursday, March 25, 2010

There Is Something In The Sky

This morning I saw a halo around the sun as it was waking up. It was beautiful. I've been on a hunt to see the different Atmospheric Optics in the sky.

Here is a web site that shows you different Halos  According to this site I may see a sun dog later today around sun set. As long as the clouds cooperate. We will see.

This halo looks like an eyeball. I needed a wider camera. It was difficult to take this photo because I couldn't look in the camera to take the pic because I would be looking at the sun. I think I am addicted to looking at the sun now. Well not directly at the sun, I think you know what I mean. I wonder if I could knit one of these pic of the sun? :) Have fun looking.


bunnits said...

How cool!! You saw a halo and even got photos! I have not been that lucky. I've only seen lunar halos and none of my photos turned out well. Yesterday afternoon it seemed that conditions were good here for a sundog, but there weren't enough high cirrus clouds.

Keep looking!

Jackie said...

Very pretty! Now that it's light a bit longer these days, maybe I'll see more of the sun too.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are beautiful!

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