Monday, June 29, 2009

My First Bloggerversary

It's almost here. One year since I started my blog. I think I will have a contest. I don't have much to give, but I will give out 3 prizes. 3 lucky winners will win one of my patterns. You can see all my patterns on my Ravelry page. I am daisymum on Ravelry. I will use the random number generator. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which pattern you like the most. You can also see my patterns on my ETSY site. You have till my Bloggerversary which is July 6Th. at Midnight. Here are some pics of my bracelets. Don't forget to leave me with a way to get in touch These bracelets can be made in one day. They are also fun to make. You can make them with one motif or with the way the pattern says to do. Most of them has it with 3 motifs.
If you choose this pattern, I will donate the money for this pattern
I will notify the winners and then email the PDF files. This pattern was my first one I ever designed.Over the past year I've been working on all these patterns. I can't believe I made so many.I did most of these at work. They also make great gifts.
You can make these a little longer and make them a cat or dog collar.Good luck to everyone. If I have the yarn for the pattern the winners pick I will mail them to you. Happy Bloggerversary to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!July 6Th

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Twin Sister's Wedding

My Twin sister is getting married. Here we are at dinner. John aren't you glad I didn't order the lobster? (Inside joke). We are at a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. Yummy!!!

Here are two handsome men. My father on the left, and my father in law on the right. He married Cindy and John. He also married me and Barry.

Practice makes perfect.

Here we are playing golf the day before the wedding. Fun!!!!!!!! I lost so many balls. At least I had fun. I normally don't loose my balls. They were the balls my dad gave me. Sorry Dad.

Here is the cute couple!!!!!

They aren't nervous at all.

Here they are putting together the programs.

My mom and Cindy decorated the cake. It was yummy!!!!

I got these air dry clay flowers off ETSY. They were beautiful!!

Here are Cindy's adorable son's. They did a wonderful job in the wedding.

Here we are. Cindy looks amazing. She is glowing with love in her eyes. I can't get over how gorgeous she is. I am not saying this because we look a like, because you can see we look different in this picture.

I love her so much.

My mom also made the flowers. Here is one proud dad!!

My parents are looking good!!!!! My mom is showing off her shoulders. She is one hot momma!!


My mom decorated the arch as well.

I think John's brother may be picking his nose.
After the wedding it was time for Cindy and John to hop into their car, finish packing up, and get ready to hit the road to Minnesota. I am very sad that she has moved away. I hope we can live near each other again soon. I miss her so much. She will be down to visit from time to time, and I will go and visit her when the knitting convention goes to Mall of America. Of Course. I guess life goes on and it leads us down different paths sometimes. I hope ours get to cross over back and forth like my yarn does on my knitting needles. I love you Cindy!!!!! Welcome to the family John!!!!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad

 Barry brought the kids to see my show I am the one holding my son. Can you recognize me?
This show is fun to preform in. I would only have the opportunity to do this role every now and then, or every 6 weeks. There are many stunts involved in this show, so they like for people to be there at least every 6 weeks. Here are some video clips of me in the show Barry took of me. This is a real metal ax. Sindbad is using a real sword. I work with some amazing talented people on this show.
These clips are in order of the show, but most of the show was taken out due to how long the show is.
You can see the whole video by looking on you tube and follow this link my friend Susan is the figurehead in this show. That is the name of the role I do.
This video is where I jump into the water. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!Thank you Barry for coming to my show and bringing the kids. You are an awesome husband!!!! I love you!!!