Friday, November 27, 2009

My Many Thanks

  This Thanksgiving I want to make a point to show my appreciation to those that greatly impact my life. My husband is the one that really keeps this family going. With all the many directions our family goes. Barry holds us together. I love you Barry with everything that I am. I am blessed to share my journey in life with you. Events in our life have been difficult and you are always there to pick me up. You are an amazing Husband. My Father, he is the strongest man I know. He just keeps on going no matter what is going on in his life. He warms my heart with all the kind and thoughtful  things that he does. He has filled my belly full on many occasion as well as fun playing golf. Your selfless acts do not go unnoticed. I also want to thank you for guiding me and giving me knowledge over the last several months. You are so smart. It blows my mind all the things you know. I love you Dad!!  You are special and dear to my heart. My mom... she is an amazing women. She can do it all and get it done. She has been a major part in my life since I had my daughter Ashley. I have grown very close to her over the past 12 years. She is also very selfless. She helps so many people and she is very talented. I am blessed to have her for a mother. My twin sister Cindy, There are no words that can really explain how Cindy means to me. She is my other me. Only twins really can understand the bond that we share. She has been there with me since day 1 literally. She has recently moved out of state and because she isn't in the next town anymore I feel a great emptiness in my heart. Words can't express the sorrow I feel knowing I can't hop into my car to go and spend the afternoon with her. I love you Cindy and miss you deeply. All my kids.....Ashley, you bring such joy to my life. I love the person you are and growing into. You are a beautiful thoughtful daughter. Austin, You give me fun and challenging experiences everyday. Meaning, I get to be creative in raising you. You drive on excitement. I get the opportunity to come up with different ways of doing things, so that you don't get bored. I love that you find many things interesting and want to learn more about them. I am blessed with having to opportunity to home school you and to help your mind grow.It is heart warming to me that I taught you how to multiply, and many other concepts. You are very special and dear to my heart. I am very blessed to have you for a son.  Aidan, you are so vibrant and love to do many things as well. I enjoy your energy, I just wish I had some. You make me want to get up and dance, run around, and raise cain when we play around. You are amazing. My In laws.. Barry and Linda. I have learned many amazing things from you over the last 11 years. You guys are amazing with everything that you do. You always think of others before yourselves. You are very special to many people. Thank you for all that you do for me and my family. I love you. My friend Jill. There are so many joyful words that I can say and be thankful for Jill. This past summer Jill really helped me deal with my sister's move. Jill has helped me get back into exercising. I am not working much in my stunt roles or doing as much landscaping so I don't get as much exercise as I use to. Jill is Jill. She is vibrant and always makes me feel happy even if there is nothing to say. She means so much to me. She is a good listener even if I am rambling on about yarn, or whatever she will still listen. Jill you rock. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you all for being there for me. All my family members bring smiles to my face. I wish we could all get together more often. I do miss how close we use to be.You all mean so much to me. May your lives be blessed as my life is blessed with you all in it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Born Again Americans

Born Again American from Born Again American on Vimeo.

Wow I was overwhelmed with emotion watching this video. I am over here in Florida doing my day to day activities while there are American's overseas fighting. Washington keeps spending money like we have it growing on trees. Unemployment  keeps growing. Our country is in economic trouble. I pray that we can get through this time and that our Government will work for the people and bring us some much needed hope. So far all the change I have seen our government do is spend money we don't have and our kids are going to suffer because of it.  Here is the link to the video's web site   pass it along if you like.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Knitting, Swimming, Running,and Weaving Oh My !!!

This is the first scarf that my mom has ever knitted. You would think she is a pro by her knitting and talking on the phone at the same time. She quickly finished this scarf and promptly started on another one. I think she is hooked. I thought I took a picture of her scarf, but I can't find it anywhere.

The first weekend in November my friend Jill and I swam for charity. We've been practicing all summer for this moment. My first lap of the summer I didn't know how I would be able to even finish this race, but I did. All 500 yards of it. You may not think it is far, but it is. I am so proud of us.

You can see Jill coming up on the left toward the end of the video. My Hubby was so encouraging. You can hear him cheer me on. They also ran a 5K. I wanted to run it, but I haven't ran in awhile, so I thought it was best to skip it. No I didn't skip the whole 5 K, I just didn't run in it. I did run a mile last night. It only took me 12 min and 21 seconds. It is amazing how time can change things. I use to run a mile in 5 min. 50 seconds. I need to practice more. My knees were hurting and sore when I finished. Does this mean I am getting old or just out of practice?

Another woven bag project. I haven't been knitting at home for a while now because I've been working on this beautiful woven bag. All my knitting is done on my rode trips or when I'm at work at Universal or on my way to Disney.
This is the strap for the bag. This yarn was dyed with natural plant dyes and spun by Jennifer from  This is where I got the yarn for other bag I wove. It took me 6 hours to make this strap.

This is the start of the bag 4 hours into it. The yellow yarn was really tangled up and it took almost 2 hours to untangle it. You have to wrap the yarn in the heddle. This is the purple looking thing hanging in the middle. You go around once through the slat, then the next time around you go through a hole. Warping, or wrapping the yarn around takes the longest to do in my opinion. The rest of the project should be smooth sailing. It will be difficult for me to let this peice go. I love the colors and textures.

This is day number 4. It took me another 3 hours to get this far.

I can't wait to start weaving it to see the patterns that it will make. I wrapped the yarn around in a certain way so that It will make a nice pattern.

I hope to start weaving it by Sun. I want to apologize to Eli for taking so long to make this bag. It does take awhile to make and my schedual has been very limited at home. I am dedicating more time to this now, because I know Christmas is coming and I want to make sure it is done in the next 2 weeks. Well, you know what I'll be doing the next two weeks.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Funny and Some Crafting A Little Too Far!!!!!

This video made me laugh!!! I hope you enjoy!!!

I had posted a photo of someone that made a teddy bear from their own placenta. I couldn't look at it any more so I took it off.  It really bothered me. I did enjoy the video.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Kentucky Trip

This is (The Wagner's) property in Kentucky. There are 3 families that own this 38 acre land.

The property is really beautiful. I can't wait till I get some Alpacas, Icelandic sheep, and of course my favorite chickens!!!!!!! We are not sure when we would actually live there, but it is there for when we want to move there. There is no I-4 traffic going up to the road to this property.


I found deer scat on the property. Whoa watch your step!!

 I can't believe how big this place is.
We also went to a Fort. This was a working fort, where they were dyeing clothes using chestnuts. This was important because you needed to be able to blend in with the woods so that the Indians couldn't find you. The people would hunt for deer hides in Kentucky and take them back home to sell. It sure wasn't easy living this way. 

They had a spinning wheel and a giant loom. They would hang herbs around their home upside down to dry. One of these herbs is tansy to keep away bugs.

This was the weaving loom. The lady told me I could pick one up at a town auction for a good price. I would like to know where these auctions are. They also do soap making demos. As well as making candles and brooms made from broom corn.

On this trip we saw amazing fall colors. I wanted to take this tree home with me, but Barry said there was no room in our Honda.There was a working farm that had Alpaca yarn for sale. I wanted to buy some but at $32.00 a skein I just couldn't do it. I still have all the other yarn that I haven't  made anything with yet.

No trip is complete until you visit a Fort, yarn shop,Cracker Barrel, and a cave. This is Ruby Falls. It is in Chattanooga Tenn. It is beautiful as always. One of these trips we are going to go to Rock City which is up the rode from there.  All in all it was a fast weekend trip. Packed with many sites and adventures.