Saturday, November 21, 2009

Knitting, Swimming, Running,and Weaving Oh My !!!

This is the first scarf that my mom has ever knitted. You would think she is a pro by her knitting and talking on the phone at the same time. She quickly finished this scarf and promptly started on another one. I think she is hooked. I thought I took a picture of her scarf, but I can't find it anywhere.

The first weekend in November my friend Jill and I swam for charity. We've been practicing all summer for this moment. My first lap of the summer I didn't know how I would be able to even finish this race, but I did. All 500 yards of it. You may not think it is far, but it is. I am so proud of us.

You can see Jill coming up on the left toward the end of the video. My Hubby was so encouraging. You can hear him cheer me on. They also ran a 5K. I wanted to run it, but I haven't ran in awhile, so I thought it was best to skip it. No I didn't skip the whole 5 K, I just didn't run in it. I did run a mile last night. It only took me 12 min and 21 seconds. It is amazing how time can change things. I use to run a mile in 5 min. 50 seconds. I need to practice more. My knees were hurting and sore when I finished. Does this mean I am getting old or just out of practice?

Another woven bag project. I haven't been knitting at home for a while now because I've been working on this beautiful woven bag. All my knitting is done on my rode trips or when I'm at work at Universal or on my way to Disney.
This is the strap for the bag. This yarn was dyed with natural plant dyes and spun by Jennifer from  This is where I got the yarn for other bag I wove. It took me 6 hours to make this strap.

This is the start of the bag 4 hours into it. The yellow yarn was really tangled up and it took almost 2 hours to untangle it. You have to wrap the yarn in the heddle. This is the purple looking thing hanging in the middle. You go around once through the slat, then the next time around you go through a hole. Warping, or wrapping the yarn around takes the longest to do in my opinion. The rest of the project should be smooth sailing. It will be difficult for me to let this peice go. I love the colors and textures.

This is day number 4. It took me another 3 hours to get this far.

I can't wait to start weaving it to see the patterns that it will make. I wrapped the yarn around in a certain way so that It will make a nice pattern.

I hope to start weaving it by Sun. I want to apologize to Eli for taking so long to make this bag. It does take awhile to make and my schedual has been very limited at home. I am dedicating more time to this now, because I know Christmas is coming and I want to make sure it is done in the next 2 weeks. Well, you know what I'll be doing the next two weeks.


Jackie said...

Congratulations on your swim! 500 yards in a LONG way!

Can't wait to see more of your weaving project!