Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yarn Food and A Backpack

Yeah!! It is here. Grapes of Wrath!!! The picture doesn't do the beautiful purples justice. Thanks Jess!!
I got this beautiful skein from Storied Yarn  this is her blog. Here is her Etsy site. She does color ways of books and characters. I just love them because I feel as if the yarn is telling a story.

I know I should be finishing up another project, but I had to see how the colors look. This is going to be a basic Triangle Garter Stitch Shawl. I love it. The yarn is very soft as well. Thanks Jess!!

Well, if anyone lives near a Culinary School you should check and see if they do a buffet at some point during the year. At Valencia's culinary school their final exam was this wonderful feast!!
My wonderful friend Jill is one of the amazing students that attend this school. The food was amazing!!! I am not bias, but Jill's Tourane (I probably spelled Tourane wrong) was the best!! All of the food was super yummy!! Then they had a dessert room!!!!

This is another friend of mine (coincidentally) Janine. Yes I have two friends that just so happen to be attending this school. I kept asking Janine if she met Jill yet and I asked Jill if she met Janine yet.  After about a year they finally met. She is in the Pastry Dept. I was in sugar heaven!!!
Words cannot describe all the amazing foods I tried that day. Thanks Jill for inviting me and my Dad into your world of Culinary School. If you need to practice and need extra taste buds, I am here for you sister!!!

So my wonderful Hubby bought some backpacks. They were huge!!

So I was trying to figure out what we could possible put into these bags and how heavy could we pack them. Well as you can see.... these packs will hold children.
Only problem now is they want to ride in them every night now. Hmmm maybe I can make a new exercise video and become rich and infamous.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Carrie, that shawl is going to be a wonderful gift! Thank you so much for posting this!! It makes me really excited to see talented knitters like you enjoying my yarns. :)


bunnits said...

I love that yarn. The simple garter stitch shawl is one of my favorites because it is so easy to work on while traveling--I need easy-to-remember patterns.

Yum, culinary school goodies look delicious.

Those backpacks are just awesome! I could cram way too much stuff into them, then they'd be too heavy to carry. Lol!

Jackie said...

I understand the lure of a new yarn and pattern. Sometimes you just have to get started on a new project.