Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Kentucky Trip

This is (The Wagner's) property in Kentucky. There are 3 families that own this 38 acre land.

The property is really beautiful. I can't wait till I get some Alpacas, Icelandic sheep, and of course my favorite chickens!!!!!!! We are not sure when we would actually live there, but it is there for when we want to move there. There is no I-4 traffic going up to the road to this property.


I found deer scat on the property. Whoa watch your step!!

 I can't believe how big this place is.
We also went to a Fort. This was a working fort, where they were dyeing clothes using chestnuts. This was important because you needed to be able to blend in with the woods so that the Indians couldn't find you. The people would hunt for deer hides in Kentucky and take them back home to sell. It sure wasn't easy living this way. 

They had a spinning wheel and a giant loom. They would hang herbs around their home upside down to dry. One of these herbs is tansy to keep away bugs.

This was the weaving loom. The lady told me I could pick one up at a town auction for a good price. I would like to know where these auctions are. They also do soap making demos. As well as making candles and brooms made from broom corn.

On this trip we saw amazing fall colors. I wanted to take this tree home with me, but Barry said there was no room in our Honda.There was a working farm that had Alpaca yarn for sale. I wanted to buy some but at $32.00 a skein I just couldn't do it. I still have all the other yarn that I haven't  made anything with yet.

No trip is complete until you visit a Fort, yarn shop,Cracker Barrel, and a cave. This is Ruby Falls. It is in Chattanooga Tenn. It is beautiful as always. One of these trips we are going to go to Rock City which is up the rode from there.  All in all it was a fast weekend trip. Packed with many sites and adventures.


Jackie said...

You need to go to Rock City! I was surprised that I enjoyed it after seeing the "See Rock City" bird houses everywhere!

Love your wonderful KY spot away from I-4!