Monday, March 30, 2009

Two of my Dreams Came True!!!

One of my dreams in life is to teach my Mother something. She has taught me many things in life, it was my dream to teach her how to knit. She basically knows how to do everything else. Look at her go. She is ambidextrous. I think she is going to be a Continental knitter. You go Mom!!!! You always amaze me. Another dream of mine was to teach my twin sister how to knit. She picked it up faster than I did. I was very impressed. Go Cindy, Go Cindy. Now I'll have to tell her about Ravelry. She will never leave her house now. Oh no what have I started. I am sorry Cindy for the new addiction, but I think you are going to love it.
On this same day I went to my daughter's soccer game. It was raining a little before the game. She ran hard, and had some good blocks. In the end it was a tie. Both teams gave it their all. I was entertained.

This is her kicking the ball. Here we are after the game. We are dry now. If you look closely you can see Ashley's doll in the seat to the left.

On this same day, we also got the cousins together for some bowling. Even Aidan the 3 yr. old played. (with bumpers) They had a ball :)

Austin played with his right and his left. He is left handed and enjoyed playing using both. Mathew got a strike and several spares, as did Ashley, actually they all got a spare or two. Thank God for the bumpers!!!!!!!!!!! well, this was a long day, Did I mention I had yummy taco salad for Dinner.
Tonight, I played softball with the Universal Studios softball league. Barry showed up with the kids to watch me. That was so sweet. Everyone was jealous, because I had the best cheering section. My kids can scream. Thank you Barry for going it sure means so much!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have pictures of this, because I left the camera at home. I will bring it to the next game.


Lupie said...

I taught my mother to crochet many years ago and now that she past I am so happy I have so many things she made. I taught my daughters to crochet and knit so now I have my own knit/crochet group.
I also taught many of my students and friends to crochet/knit over the years.
I just love it to see those I have taught enjoy thenselves.

Jackie said...

It's wonderful to have 2 new knitters in the world! They're going to love it!

What a cute pic of you and your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm so happy with my new skills!!! I am now ready to learn how to bind it off. I think that's the term. It's so exciting. When I watched you knit, it looked so hard. Now I need to go buy more yarn, and learn how to make other things. THank you Carrie!! I'll send you a picture so you can post it.

Ria said...

How cool that you got to teach your mom to knit!!

Your daughter is gorgeous!! And I love when girls are good athletes.