Saturday, March 28, 2009

What I am Up To

This week I did a couple of things. First, I went to my niece Krystin's 18th Birthday Party. I can't believe she is 18. She got her hair cut. It is so pretty. She had so much fun around her family and friends. Happy Birthday Krystin.
You are probably wondering what in the world is this. Well I did some research and You can sew these together to make things with them. This is going to be a laptop bag. It will be done soon. I am waiting on my boys to finish drinking some more of these so that I can finish this bag. I am looking around my house at things I can reuse to try to sell on my etsy shop. Next I will be reusing my kids tshirts. It is fun to make and easy. There are tutorials on you tube.

She is almost finished. She needs eyes, and some more hair in the back. I also have to tuck in the yarn strings. She needs eyes fast. I creep everyone out at work with her. Help Mom. I need you to show me how to paint her eyes. I am still working 2 days a week. I am still trying to find other work. I will find out this week if I can get a job at Disney cutting hair. I am not in a hurry just yet, because Austin still has school work that he needs to get done. By the end of April I will need a job where I will get more hours. We will see.


Jackie said...

I'll be interested to see how the laptop bag turns out! Great idea to recycle!

Ria said...

That bag should come out cool. I agree the doll is creepy without eyes. Good luck with the job hunt.