Monday, April 13, 2009

My Twin Sister's First FO

Check Cindy out!!!!! Her First FO Yeah!!!!! Cindy FO means Finished Object. Now you need to learn the lingo. I can't believe how fast she picked up knitting. I am very impressed. I am going to teach her how to purl next. She didn't even drop any stitches. You are amazing Cindy. I love you!!!!!

This is my Nephew Nicholas. He caught a dragon fly. He is sneaky. We went canoeing down the Wekiva River. It took us 4 1/2 hours to do.

Here is Ashley and Austin. They helped me row. They were excited to see the wild life up close.
Here is Nicholas, Mathew, and their dad. They were counting all the turtles out on the river.

Here are two out of the 19 turtles we saw. We found animal tracks. There are deer, turkey, human, and bear. Can you see them?

Here is a Blue Heron. It flew away and the bird is absolutely beautiful.

Ahhhhh!!!!! You wouldn't believe how close we were to alligators. We saw 5 of them. One was a 4' gator and it went into the water 2 feet from where we were. I couldn't see where it went and I was scared. I thought my kids were going to lose it. I had a great day out on the water, paddling the day away. It wasn't too hot. it was just right. I highly recommend going down Rock Springs to Wekiva river in a canoe. You could also go down on a tube. If you are ever in Orlando, check it out. It is very beautiful. Don't forget the sunscreen and something soft to sit on.
It is nice to be back on land.


Ria said...

Great scarf! Glad you labeled the post your twin sister or I would have had to ask if you were twins. The pictures of your canoe trip are amazing. Although I am so deathly scared of alligators if I knew they were out there I never woudl have gone!

Lupie said...

You are well on the way to forming your own knitting group!

Jackie said...

Yay Sis for not dropping a stitch! That's amazing! The world is a better place with a new knitter in it.

I spent many hours at Wekiva Spring State park as a teenager/kid. Love it!

oneofakindcakes4 said...

What is a Pearl? I can;t wait to learn more about knitting!! Please teach me more! I love you!