Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Christmas fun

This is my mom decorating her gingerbread man. It was beautiful of course, she is an amazing artist.

Isn't the gingerbread man cute. Great job mom.

This is Aidan (3 years old) decorating his gingerbread man. You can also see Nicholas, my nephew decorating his in the background. We had so much fun!!!
This is Ashley and Mathew (my nephew) This gingerbread man was very decorated with lots of candy. Every picture needs rabbit ears, will this gesture ever go away?

This picture is priceless. She told me Santa wasn't real, and yet here she is. I had to ask him what she wanted to surprise her. I hope it works. We had so much fun that day. I love everything about Christmas. I like for it to last longer than one day. I try to celebrate Christmas every weekend in December, whether it is decorating, driving around and looking at other lights on homes, Making things for Christmas, and going to theme parks. Christmas is my favorite time of year.

Don't forget about my contest if you haven't entered it yet. It is in the Dec. 2nd post on this blog, good luck. Happy holidays!!!


Lindsey said...

Your mom is rocking that gingerbread mans face off with her awesomeness.

Ceci said...

No way! Kids decorating gingerbread men. This is the CUTEST. (Your mom's really is beautiful.) We made cookies last night with my 3 yr old... and the whole pan of them expanded out til it was one big cookie and you couldn't even tell which cookie cutter shape they started out as. I was terribly disappointed but he didn't even seem to care. Maybe he thought the cutters were just another fun step, like breaking the eggs or licking the spoon. He will learn soon enough that Mommy just plain can't bake. haha

Lupie said...

Your family looks beautiful.
I feel it is a holiday everytime the family is together!
I just looks so odd to see Santa and people in shorts.
We are at -2 with the wind chill today! Maybe shorts are looking good to me.
But at least what happened to my car can't happen to you. Check my blog.

Michelle said...

We're going to decorate gingerbread men tomorrow!

I also envy the shorts. We're at a sultry 4 degrees with like a -20 windchill at the moment!!!

bunnits said...

Those gingerbread men are really cute. Your mom's is really neat. Oops! I just realized I forgot to do the meme. I'm kind of challenged when it comes to this kind of stuff, but thanks for tagging me, anyway. I'll see what happens.