Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Holiday Stuff, It Snowed again in Florida

We found more snow in Florida!!!! Austin wants to move where there is snow, because he had fun throwing snowballs. See no mittens. The snow (crushed ice) was cold on our hands. We are not use to this in Florida.

AHHHHHHH!!!!! Watch out he may get you with the snowball!!!!!
This is us at Epcot in front of Nemo. Barry is taking the photo. We need a tripod so that he is in pictures. He always takes the photos.
They sure are heavy!!! Hurry and take the picture!!!!. This is EPCOT'S Christmas tree. I still like the one at Universal better. We saw the amazing fireworks at park closing. While we waited Aidan entertained us with his balancing act.
He thought he was so clever. The fireworks were amazing. More to come on our Christmas holidays.


B Dub said...

I'll bet the guy taking those pictures is really cool. I'm sure he's wise beyond his years and devilishly handsome. (;

Daisy mum said...

Yea B Dub my amazing husband finally commented on my blog. Thanks honey,you are handsome,and wise.

Michelle said...

How cool! It's funny though, because most of my family moved to Florida to get away from the snow! I'm all for white Christmases, but then the snow can go away!