Monday, January 17, 2011

Wrap Handbags

Two friends and a family member had babies! Here is one of the handbags I made.
While my kids were young I remember trying to place bags on my stroller and needing one more, but it wouldn't fit. I needed one that I could place close to the stroller and still have access to the basket under the stroller. I placed a 2 ribbons on top of the bag that can snap around the stroller on top.
You can see the snaps on the right and left of this bag at the top. I also made them each a wrap that they can carry there baby close to them. It is a long piece of fabric that you wrap around you and the baby. That is why there are 2 separate areas inside this bag. One side is for the wrap, The other is for, toys or what ever they need. There is also a front pocket for whatever you would need as well.
This picture shows the straps on the bottom. This is to tie the bag up next to the stroller. This bag will also snap into the back side of the front seat. for easy access. You know how those kids throw the toys on the floor and they scream for another. Well, you can just reach into this bag and grab another,
When I finish the other two bags, I will show how the baby wrap fits inside this bag.


Anonymous said...

I really like this, Carrie, it's great!


Lauren Davenport said...

Very cute. Would be perfect to use as a knitting project bag!

bunnits said...

What a great idea--and do I ever remember those days, even though my youngest is now 20!