Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Peneo Shawl

This shawl was made with my Peneo yarn colorway from Storied Yarns.
This colorway was interpreted by Jess after Peneo's character bio. This is a made up character from the Percy Jackson series. She is a character I would love to see in these books.  Here is Peneo's Bio:
I am Peneo. Daughter of Demeter. I was named after Penelope, wife of Odysseus. I was raised in a beautiful garden where I learned how to use my gifts wisely. I take care of the soil so that many plants may grow. I provide nutrients to the soil by persuasion from the other gods. I send for the rain and ask for lightening. This will leave nitrogen in the air for me to collect and bring down to the soil for the growth of plants. I send for Φωσφόρος meaning “light-bearer” to bring the nutrient phosphorus into the soil to help the plants flower and produce seeds. Last, I send for the fire god Hephaestus to burn down parts of overgrown forests so that I can uses the ashes as Potassium to mend into the earths soils. This promotes better root growth and over all health of all plants. I take care of the soil! I love daisies and will plant daisies in the fields that were burned down by Hephaestus. I also plant flax and cotton plants for the use of the fibers. You see, I also love to weave the yarns I spin from the fiber. I ended up at Camp Half blood to learn how to protect myself from the gods that don’t approve of me asking the other gods to help me in my quests for better soil. I am in pursuit of other amendments I can use to improve the soil, which leads me on many quests where I will also need protection from monsters and other gods. My best friend and camp mate is Cindy daughter of the god of wind Aeolus. She goes on many quests with me. Some would say we are twins because we look so much alike. I enjoy weaving the colors of the soil, grey, orange, tan, black, peach, yes sometimes green because of the algae growing in it, red, and soft yellow. I love to eat the vegetables that grow from the nutrients I put into the soil. Cindy and I travel to the strawberry festival whenever we can to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I am easy going and a simple person. I love the sun and learning how to sword fight. The earth is a happier place with me in it, because I bring out its full potential. (You don’t need to use all colors mentioned, it is only a guideline that can be interpreted anyway you would like)

 My one skein shawl is complete!


bunnits said...

Love the bags and the shawl.