Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blackberry Pie and a FO

This is a blackberry pie that I am making from the blackberries I picked while on vacation.

I wondered how it would taste with pecans in it. So I put 2 in it. Well, the pie was great and the pecans didn't enhance the flavor at all. The pie crust gave me a hard time. So, I put the strips on it. Then I had some crust left over and I just love the crust, so I put the rest on it. It was delicious.

 I also finished my women of the water scowl! This is another colorway from the Percy Jackson Kal I am doing. I have enough yarn left over to make a small purse to match!


jessecreations said...

I love the scowl, and the pie looks delicious!! My daughter LOVES blackberries, I should really make the poor kid a pie. :)

Ria said...

Love blackberry pie!!

scowl looks great!

bunnits said...


When we were up in Tennessee at the farm the weekend of July 4, the blackberries were just beginning to get ripe. The next weekend would have been perfect picking time, but we couldn't go back up, so I'm just enjoying your photos.

Like the scowl, too.