Monday, July 19, 2010

Time To Wash the Llama Fleece?

I'm sorry for just posting the pictures without text. I blog from my phone and go back once it is posted and edit it with the text. It is easier for me to do it that way except when it takes blogger awhile to upload my email to post. Without further ado.............
So, I set out to wash the Llama fleece. I was very excited. I didn't realize how much time it would take to do this. First of all, I knew it was very dirty. So, I didn't want to wash it in my bath tub or the washing machine. Outside in this container was the cleanest way.

As you can see the water was very dirty. I did this 5 times and the water still was not clear.
 Now living in Florida it can rain at any point. Even on a day that isn't forecast for rain. So much for drying the llama in the sun. It is taking forever to dry. When I started to wash the fleece it was sunny outside. I knew I needed to get it washed or it would never get washed.

It has been a fun learning experience. I can't wait to pick out all the debris in it. I may have to wash it again, because it doesn't smell very well. This time I may do it in the washer. I can't wait to spin it!! It is so soft.


Jackie said...

Another project off the needles?!

bunnits said...

Let me guess--you're washing llama wool??

bunnits said...

Ah, the trials and tribulations of washing raw fiber.

If you do it in the washer, just be sure not to agitate, unless you are hoping for something for a felting project. I can't wash mine in the washer because I get distracted and would end up with the Felt of the Universe. I've considered using the final spin cycle to get the excess water out, but haven't tried it yet.

jessecreations said...

You're getting there! It may help if you take small clumps of it at a time and rinse it by hand in your sink. Sometimes I think when it's all bundled up together it's harder to get clean, especially since you don't want to agitate it too much in the hot water or it will felt.

I've been washing my alpaca in chunks, then picking it here and there to remove the debris. A lot of the VM will just automatically fall out as you spin, too. I can't wait to see your llama spinning!