Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here is a blanket I made for my Dad. I worked on it while I was traveling on my Kentucky trip a couple of months ago. My Dad is the strongest person I know. He has had cancer treatments in the past and he just gets up the next day and goes to work or goes to concerts with me. This is us at the Mannheim Steam Roller Concert.We went with my mom, the kids, Barry and my Aunt Liz and Uncle Tom. This is the second year we saw this event. Hmm I think we started a tradition.

They played their usual songs and they also played some songs from Grinchmas. They also preformed a mini play with music and narration with some of the characters from the movie. The characters were not dressed up.

It was well done. It was enjoyed by all.

 We also saw the Macy's parade at Universal and He treated everyone to Mythos. It is a resturant at Islands of Adventure. I will cherish these memories with my family for ever. As for my Dad, he is my hero and I may not always say it, but I love him and I am thankful for him every day. I love you Dad!!

My next post is my 100th post I will be doing a Contest. Be on the look out for it!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your new layout! and this post made me cry! Can I go with you all next time??

bunnits said...

Gosh, your blog has a neat new look. I like it. And I love the photo of you and your dad.