Saturday, January 16, 2010

My New Needles!!

First, I wanted to show you what I am working on. These cute magic card wallets are what I am still working on for Christmas gifts. I know the time has passed, but I am still willing to get them done.

They are easy and fun to make. You can pull on the ribbon and the card will come out. It's like magic. If you are in my family, one is coming your way.

Next, I got a new cell phone for Christmas. Yea!!! However I have broken my last couple of phones so I wanted to make something for this phone to make it impossible for me to break. There is vinyl knitted in the front of this cozy. I can wear it around my neck and talk on it while it is still in the pouch. If I drop it it will still be hanging around my neck. The clear vinyl allows me to text and scroll through the screens. The size I made will fit Iphones and you can still move through the screens even though the vinyl is covering it.

I have a pocket wide enough behind my phone that will fit my wallet, lipstick, even my zune 30gig.:)
I will have to make more in all kinds of colors.

Also, from my parents and me selling a pink knitted hat like my sisters I was able to buy this Denise Interchangable needle set. I already cast on my first project. This is the Art Yarn Beaded silk and sequins my mom bought me on vacation. I think of her and my Dad while I am knitting this yarn. I am making a hat from Knitty. It is called Duet .  I love how this pattern can be either a scarf or a hat. I had a hard time with what to make with this yarn because it is so beautiful. Now I can have 2 projects in one. I am glad I waited to knit with this yarn and found this pattern. Check it out. Thank you Mom and Dad!!!!! and Me!!!!


I wonder what else I will make using these needles!!! I am looking for shawl patterns. I may make this Heirloom shawl   Check it out. I have some 100% Rayon yarn I may make one out of. Ravelry has a group that is making this shawl with a errata page. I guess people saw some mistakes in the pattern. I also saw Laura's shawl pattern I may make as well. Must get started. I am also finishing up my sister's new mittens. I hope these don't unravel on her.


Jackie said...

Both shawl patterns are wonderful. No matter what you pick it will be a winner. Of course, you can knit both!

Ria said...

Those pouches are wonderful!

oneofakindcakes4 said...

You are so funny! You can make the magic wallets for Valentines day gifts, and sell them to your brother in laws to give them to their wives....Can you post a picture of the blanket you knitted?
I love your creative ways of using yarn!

Lupie said...

I gave my daughter the Addi Clicks and she loves them!