Sunday, January 10, 2010

More FO's

I finished weaving this bag just in time for Christmas. Eli gave this bag to his wife for Christmas. He said she loved it. I really enjoyed making this bag. I also loved how the colors worked really well together. I have some leftover yarn from this project, so I am going to make a cell phone cozy for her as well.

My friend Pat at work has been working on this cross stitch project over the last year. It is nearly finished. It is so beautiful. It's about 15"x 15" approx. I just love the colors. Awesome job Pat!!!

So here is the only pic I have of my sisters gloves. These are the first pair I have ever made. I don't know what has happened to me lately. I haven't been taking pic of the items I have completed. I finished these gloves, but forgot to take a pic of them. I also made a hat to go with it and forgot to take a pic of it. I am making another one, so maybe I'll remember to take a pic. I love how these gloves feel. It is made out of Alpaca yarn from   Bernat. It wont felt because it has a small percent of acrylic in it. Cindy said she was in -19 degree weather and her hands didn't get cold. Maybe she can take a pic of them and send me  it so that I can post them.
 Well I would post my Christmas presents I made this year, but I didn't get them done. Oops. Maybe I will get one done today? I better get to it then. Merry Christmas!!!!


Jackie said...

The gloves look very soft and warm! I didn't remember to take photos of 2 gifts I gave either.

Did you get any of the sleet or snow flurries this past weekend?