Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Satyr Hat!

Its finished! My Satyr hat from Storied yarns!

This is my Simple Slouchy Hat in the Satyr colorway from storied yarns! I just love the colors! I hope to finish this hat by Saturday! So i can wear it!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My Harry Potter Kit is Here!

I ripped open my package in my car from Genevra Dreamy this is her blog ., wishing I had tinted windows because I was elated with excitement! I put this wonderful hat on right away, which is made of Alpaca (my favorite yarn!) It is also made with my favorite color and my house color ...Slytherin! Genevra's knitting was perfect. I love how it fits. I was checking everything out then found my fingerless gloves! My first crocheted pair! I must say I haven't crocheted in awhile and these gloves make me want to make some! Did I say I was really excited! I wore this hat at work today even though it was in the 80's. I got some looks, but I didn't care!

I sorted out the box a little here it is before I set everything out!

One of the boxes had a (Green) candle in it. I love candles! The other box had my gloves in it along with the beautiful Stitch markers. I must learn how to make them because I  have seen some amazing markers and they add bling to your knitting! I love them! Then there is the candy. Which by the way the boys went crazy over! They couldn't figure out how Genevra knew what they liked! My son wants to play go fish with the cards shaped like the snowman. I also received a note pad. I love those and am always in a need for one.

 I had a Truffle after lunch today. It was AWESOME! I also snacked on my all time favorite snack Twizzlers! I would rather my Barry bring me home Twizzlers before flowers any day. That's how much I love those! 

My first ever Harry Potter Book! I have read these books from the Library, but now I can read this one whenever I want!
With this being my first Harry Potter Swap this next item was perfect. It is the Government Manual for New Wizards. I am ready to be schooled! Inside this book were pictures to remind myself of Hogwarts.

This swap gave me the opportunity to feel Knit Picks yarn. I ordered some for the person I spoiled and I have 2 skeins of Shadow Forest Heather lace weight Merino wool here.  It is very soft and It's GREEN!  She also gave me 2 shawl patterns Brandywine and Abrazo  They are both really nice shawls!  I really like the shapes of them. They are different than some of the shawls I have seen. WOW, Wow, WOW. What an awesome kit!  I love it!  I can't wait for the next swap I had fun geeking out on all the fun I had making the kit I sent out and receiving  my kit. Did I say I was excited! Thank you again Genevera! (Jamie) You Rock!