Saturday, September 11, 2010

HSKS12 Harry Potter Swap!

I am going to be apart of the HSKS12 Swap! (If you are not on Ravelry you will not be able to see this site) I am in the Draco's Pure Bloods and Dark Arts Family! I am so excited. I like the Harry Potter story line and if I were to pick a  character I really like it would be Ron. It may be because I like red hair. (I have red hair) but, I do like all of the characters just the same! I also don't have a favorite house. I like to cheer everyone on, except for today since I am now apart of a new house I will stick by my Draco Pure Bloods and Dark Arts Family!
 This is going to be so much fun!

This is my wand I will be using to cast spells on everyone to have a good swap.
I got this wand at the wand shop and it choose me! I picked it up just to see what they looked like, then when I found the store keeper they went right to my wand and handed it to me and said this is your wand. It was amazing! 

Here is Hogwarts Castle. It is amazing inside. If I get a chance soon I will go inside and take pictures. The have portraits on the wall where the people in them actually move.
They have Butter Beer! The frozen one is the best! I can't wait to spoil my spoilee! I am going to have so much fun deciding what to get them!


Jackie said...

You're really going to have some fun with this one!

bunnits said...

Yikes! I haven't been to Ravelry in weeks! I gotta go see what's going on. This sounds like your are going to have lots of fun.

Meggie (Megaera) Black said...

Hi I'm Megaera Black, mostly everyone who knows me at Hogwarts calls me Meggie. I'm normally found in the Dungeon with my fellow Slytherins, but sometimes I transfer to Ravenclaw and read in the tower.

Welcome to HSKS! I'm sure you will love it, I've been swapping with this group for many rounds now and it's been super fantastic. See you around Hogwarts!