Saturday, October 31, 2009

FO My First Pair Of Knitted Socks

I can't believe I finally finished. Thank you Ria for the yarn. I love my first pair of knitted socks. I hope my next pair doesn't take this long to make. I bought some Addi turbos for my next pair of socks to knit. I think this should go faster. This pair I knitted on bamboo needles. I am surprised I didn't break them. My next FO is a knitted hat for my sister. I made it with Alpaca yarn.

Through the excitement of giving her the hat I didn't take a specific photo of the hat. I hope this is o.k. until Cindy sends me another photo. I also have another FO. A baby wrap for my new nephew Matteo. The photo is not Matteo. It is my neighbor Angela and Eli. Matteo was sleeping  the whole time I was there just about, so I didn't get a photo of him in the wrap. Soon I hope.

This wrap was made of organic cotton yarn. You can make it skinny like how Angela is wearing it or you can make it 18"wide. Like all the other wraps you see mommies wear.

Here is Matteo, with his Pappa. Aren't they cute!!!!! I think this photo is very sweet.  I miss how my Dad use to hold me this way. I am way to big for this now, but now I'm big enough to play golf with him. We did this the 2nd weekend in October.

I love to play golf with him. He was smacking the ball down the fairway to. He even let me play with some of his clubs. I was able to smack some balls my self. It was an awesome day. Thanks Dad for taking me to play golf!!!!!
There is so much more to write about. I've been busy doing so much. I am also busy today homeschooling my son, so I better get back to it. My next post will be about my Kentucky trip. It was very beautiful up there with all the fall leaves changing colors. Until next time. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Halloween!!!!!