Monday, May 11, 2009

A Variety of Things

A Birthday Party for Nicholas at Build a Bear workshop.

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!!!! Thanks for the party. Building bears are fun!!!! The kids had fun building their bears. All the way down to putting the hearts into the bears. I can't believe all the accessories they have. It is a stuffed animal paradise.

Next, Gigi, Barry's grandmother wanted to redo her back yard. So, the Wagner's got together and planted her a new garden in her yard. Hear is Austin pointing at some of the flowers.

This is Gigi. She was relaxing while we planted her garden.

This was a huge job. First we had to rake everything that was laying all over her yard. We also had a difficult time planting some of the shrubs because there use to be rocks on the ground along the fence area. Digging up rocks is not fun.

Yeah, I got to get my hands dirty!!!!! I was planting lantana. It doesn't require that much water. Most of the plants were drought tolerant, and likes the shade. I can't wait to see how it looks in a couple of months.

Barry came to see my softball game. He is so awesome. My kids were cheering the whole game. I think this is the video of me hitting the ball. It feels good to smack a ball.

It also feels good to run around the bases. We won the game Yea!!!!

I will have to post more soon to catch you up on the other things I've been up to. I hope to do this this week. Take care.


HLF said...

I love the garden! It already looks great. Post some pictures later on as it grows, please!

Ria said...

My daughter used to love build a bear when she was little. Glad you won your game - I used to love softball! I'm thinking of joining a league in 2 years when Angie goes to college.

You definitely should post pictures of the garden, in july or august

bunnits said...

Goodness, that garden looks great. Anxious to see progress reports. I really enjoyed your softball photos, too. I haven't played since we lived in Memphis. It used to be so much fun. My DH used to play on his team at work, too. Usually managed to step in a hole and twist an ankle or bruise something. I think he gave up before I did.

Anonymous said...

Love the softball form! I wonder where you get it from? Build a Bear was a lot of fun! I'm so glad you went. Can't wait to see this weekends adventure posted! sO MUCH FUN