Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Busy

Yikes I have been so busy. Homeschooling, knitting my sock, now crocheting Ashley another doll, and job hunting. Universal cut out the number of shows they do in the park and it may affect my hours. I pray every week I have hours. So far so good. I am looking for another job. I want to go to Disney and get into the Cosmetology Dept. I would be taking care of the character's hair. I will let you know what happens. This is a photo of Austin and I playing the drums at Epcot. So much fun.
I took the kids to Artfest- All arts all week all free. They did pottery, painting, and other crafts. It was fun. I have more photos and other things we did. I just haven't uploaded it yet.
I've been taking the kids for swimming lessons at Southwest Aquatics. I will have video in the next blog. My whole life is potentially changing in the next couple of months. How exciting!!!! Sorry I have been absent and I hope to catch up on the blogs I read as well.


bunnits said...

Goodness! We haven't been to Disney or Universal in several years now. We are in need of a trip there.

I just saw the link to your friend's blog with the dog collars and leashes and about to visit. It sounds like just the thing our Dixie needs.

bunnits said...


I hope the job situation goes well for you and that you don't get hours cut. I know what it's like. I'm looking for another part-time job, too. It isn't much fun.

Lupie said...

I wish you much luck. If the people at Disney are smart they will snatch you up before others do!