Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Is Here and It Isn't Even Thanksgiving

Christmas is here!!!! Yes our Christmas tree has been up for a week now. It seemed to be the only time we would have to put it up. My son Austin really wanted to put it up. He begged me everyday for 5 days. We finally gave in when I saw my work schedule.

As you can see I worked on decorating the tree at work (Universal Studios)all week, not to mention Last Fri. night we were up all night installing the tree. The tree is about 50 foot tall. Can you see me in the High reach? From time to time I get to work as an Entertainment Tech when there aren't any hours available as Sarah Conner. I like doing the different jobs, it keeps the work week interesting.

I had a lot of fun driving the reach. I thought about knitting up there, but they will probably think that I have taken my knitting hobby to far. I had a lot of fun, but after Today I am glad I already put my tree up. I did have a chance to do some knitting this week.

I took this photo up by the star looking down.

What a view. This is what I got to look at all week, It would've been awesome to knit up there.
Oh did I mention it was a little chilly up there, for Florida.

Well, I had to wait to knit when I got home, that is alright, because I still made this fun bracelet. I just love snowmen, they melt my heart away. Well I have some catching up to do because I have been so busy. Happy knitting everyone, and Happy Holidays!!!!!!


Lupie said...

Wow that is a big tree! Soooo cooool!!

Ria said...

Cool job! We're putting up the tree (or actually angie wants to do it ) next weekend because she's at a fencing tournament today and tomorrow.

Ok - I'm really here to tell you, you are one of then winners of my blog contest and won the penny rose yarn. so if you could pm me your name and e-mail addy (tonyfan4ever) I can get that to ruth and you can pick out any one skein of her sock yarn (except the sotm club) and she'll send it on to you.

Anonymous said...

I would be so scarred up there! I don't know how you do it. I love the snowman bracelet. Are you making any nutcracker one's?