Friday, July 11, 2008

Ashley's Doll

This is a Precious Moments doll I made for my daughter Ashley. The pattern came from a Leisure art's booklet. It took me 9 months to make because I was working weird hours and didn't have time to crochet it. I have made this doll a sister. I went down 2 hook sizes to make it smaller and added low lights to her hair. I would post a picture but she is still waiting on a pair of eyes from the eye doctor AKA my mom. She is an amazing artist. She paints them and they look amazing. I wish I had that talent. I guess I will stick to fiber for now. This doll was made with crochet thread size 3. I have a hard time working with crochet thread size 10. I drool over people that can. Hopefully I will have pictures of this doll's sister soon.


2monkeys_mom said...

She really turned out cute! Nice work!